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I’m an experienced Voice Over Artist offering a range of professional services. Learn more about the options I provide below and feel free to book the service that best suits your needs.

Radio show microphones


Desk Telephone

Telephone Messages

Microphone Sound Editing

Web Videos

Personalized Approach

My work on Commercials has been both incredibly fulfilling and professional satisfying. Collaboration and mutual understanding are always key, and I have the experience needed to ensure success.

Committed to Excellence

One of my most in-demand services, working on welcoming and On Hold Telephone messages for businesses of all types. Direct your customers to the correct division of your company, tell them about other added services or promotions while they wait on hold and more!

Exceeding Expectations

If you’re in need of help with Web Videos, you’ve come to the right place. As an experienced Voice Over Artist, I offer everything you need to accomplish your goals.