Meet Kori

Kori is excited to travel and experience new and favorite destinations with The Empty Nesters. She raised her two children, had a successful teaching career, was an owner and full time florist who used her talents at weddings and special events. She loves to garden, read, go to the beach, and be with her "Fur Babies" (dogs, cats, chickens, and horses). She also loves to go out with her friends to restaurants, wineries, and of course dancing! Most of all, she loves being a mom (soon a Grandma) and a wife to Tony.


Meet Tony

Tony is already having a blast going places and taking on new adventures, but he is beyond excited to be doing this Podcast with his wife, Kori. He has spent over 20 years in Broadcasting behind a mic and now he is stepping out in front of the camera with his high school sweetheart. He has also enjoyed success as a Banker, Real Estate Executive, Native American Gaming Executive and has been an owner of a couple Advertising Agencies.  Although he enjoyed all his different jobs, this is the one he feels will give people the clues to one of his most asked questions, "How have you and Kori stayed together all these years and still happy!?" Now, hopefully they will understand....It's all Kori!!