The Empty Nesters Take An Adventure Into Wine & Art

I have always looked forward to “Date Night” with my wife Kori, but this time I must say my anxiety was a little high. All my life, art was never my forte. My art teachers in school were somehow always telling me, “Well, at least you tried.” Despite these past art transgressions and unmotivating words of my educators, I agreed to go to Wine & Design in Orcutt, California. I must confess that my wife Kori, is far more artistic than I due to her previous career as a florist, event coordinator, and grade schoolteacher. Let’s just say, this was all in her wheelhouse and she was very excited! Kori knew how to grab my attention by having me focus on the wine we will get to enjoy. I always love having that as part of our “Date Night”. The other part, the Design part, she said it would be an adventure. I accepted the challenge and was just excited to be out with Kori for the night.

As we walked into the studio, the first thing I noticed was all the art that filled the walls. These pieces of art were colorful, fun, expressive, and each one more impressive than the next. I found out that these were the art pieces of many patrons who had gone before me. This is the time that I felt I needed to let our Professional Artist and Instructor aware of my inabilities in the world of art. She informed me, that I did not have to worry because tonight the first rule is, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents!” Everything was set up for us to be ready to paint. We picked out our bottle of wine, poured a glass and learned a little about our painting tonight. Our goal tonight was to paint the art Nouveau piece titled, “The Kiss”. I would be painting the “male” side on one canvas and Kori would then paint the “female” side on her canvas. When we finished, we could put the two paintings together and make a complete painting. We would have our option of colors and of course add in our style. As my brush glided along the canvas, I was careful and focused, but I immediately felt a sense release. We continued to fill in areas pre drawn out with bright colors. I was really having a good time now! I enjoyed adding my flare with swirls, dots, and squiggly lines, all along reminding myself, “there are no mistakes only happy accidents.”

I don’t know if it was due to my glasses of wine, the fun music playing, or the anticipation of creating my art piece, but I was for sure enjoying this experience. There was something about painting that helped clear my mind and gave me a feeling of relaxation. The finished piece was actually pretty good! I am so proud that I had the courage to try something new and that Kori had set it up for our “Date Night”. I would do this again and have already recommended it to friends. As in life and painting, “there are no mistakes, only happy accidents”.

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