The Cambria Scarecrow Festival

The Empty Nesters

Join Tony & Kori as they visit the quaint town of Cambria, California for their Scarecrow Festival. You will have a Spooktacular time while you join the Empty Nesters and a sneak peek of all the Bootiful fun!


Glamping & Wine Tasting in Paso Robles

The Empty Nesters

Join Tony & Kori, the Empty Nesters, along with their friends Bobby & Denise as they spend the weekend Glamping in Paso Robles, Ca. Visit fun wineries like Eberle Winery and Tooth & Nail Winery. View beautiful Cava Robles resort in wine country.


A trip back in time at Galco's Old World Grocery

The Empty Nesters

Tony and Kori, The Empty Nesters, visit Galco's Old World Grocery in Los Angeles. This store was highlighted on California's Gold with Huell Howser and was part of the inspiration for The Empty Nesters. Check out the vintage toys, candy, soda and more!!!


Tortillia Time

The Empty Nesters

Learn how to make homemade flour tortillas. Tony and Kori share their family tradition with you and Molina tries rolling out the tortilla for the first time!


Happy Halloween!

The Haunted Hills Adventure

Join Tony & Kori on their adventure to the Halloween attraction, Haunted Hills! You will laugh, scream, and definitely want to go see it for yourself...there is plenty more scary fun that we left for you to see first hand! This time we brought along our Empty Nester Guests, Lillie and Sydney! It was a Spooktacular time! For more info or to buy tickets go to


The Empty Nesters Relax

at Central Coast Floats

Join Tony & Kori as they enjoy the relaxing waters at Central Coast Floats. Experience this new way to find the Zen in your life with The Empty Nesters, then go and try it for yourself!


"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent van Gogh